Cloud services

We have had explosive adaptation of cloud services where you not only run the organization’s data center IT but also the client side, this development will continue, which places demands throughout the entire cloud journey.

Issues to consider about cloud services wherever you are in your cloud journey:

  • Legal requirements when data/information is stored in a cloud service
  • Data migration and import to cloud services
  • Data flow (internal and with third parties)
  • Security of services and its support services
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Performance and adaptations (service levels)
  • Licenses
  • Limitation of liability and dispute resolution
  • Economic aspects, total costs (TCO)
  • Independent strategic guidance
  • Project management and implementation
  • Application management
  • Management of supplier contracts and contract renewals
  • Which standards are followed
  • Exit strategy (the way out of the cloud service)

In addition, you need to consider the GDPR which will affect all cloud services to some extent.

The Regulation imposes tough requirements on IT security and personal data management processes.

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